Wednesday, September 6, 2017

we are adopting

Yes we are and i am so excited..We are bound for africa to bring home a precious daughter.I am working deligently on paperwork to get the homestudy done...Then uscis and dossier assembled.I made a check list as i dont want to mess anythig up.WE NEED HER HOME NOW.she has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal she has feeding issues and seriously needs a g tube.I am fundraising like crazy and am working on gathering items for an online auction.I make haor bows lanyards and jewelry anything helps.She s so worth all that i will do to get the funds needed to adopt.

Friday, January 29, 2016

This guy right here has his sleep messed up!It seems everywinter he does not sleep at night!I am not sure how to change this pattern although i try really hard to do so..We have switched his feed schedule around thinking he is hungry at night!This did not fix it!I play sounds of water fall and relaxation to try to help.We have tried melotonin and it also does not help!I am not sure what we are going to do...This lil stinker needs sleep and so does mommy!

Monday, January 4, 2016


There is going to be some big things happeneing for the miller Family!I cannot wait to explain but right now i cannot...just know its BIG!The last couple days our budget planning has taken a huge hit!Our furnace is broke and its going to hit the budget realy hard!My car battery decided to drop dead and that was an expense of 148.00 hoping no more hard hits..Really trying to save money for many reasons!
    I want to see a huge difference in bills and expenditures if we can keep from anyting else deciding to break!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year and changes!

Every year i set new goals..some i do accomplish but some i do not!This year my goal is to work on being more penny pinching with our money!I have found some ways to cut and am anxious to see if we save by doing this...The other thing i set fourth is to make my marriage even stronger..This is always a good goal to keep!
       I also want to set some goals for the boys!I am still working on those goals!I hope to see alot of good things to come for my family...

Thursday, December 31, 2015

way to long for a post!

Life has kept me very busy and somedays it can be very hectic around here...The boys are all growin up way to fast!Jaxson has had hip surgery and is a complete new man..Make  a wish came and granted his wish he now has a lovely standern and a swing in his room that he loves...Jaxson has grown to a whopping 66 lbs which has forced this mom to use the ceiling lift as not to mess up my back anyworse than i have all ready!he is quite the chunkstre now!Landen is a highschooler now..its hard to believe..He just turned 16 (where has the years gone)I am hoping to blog more now that i have a little bit of time once the babes are all in bed!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hip pain

Jaxson had double hip surgery a year ago!It was a wonderful thing to see him pain free and has been pretty well pain free since.The orthopedic surgeon does not remove hardware for atleast a year after or longer if it causes no problems.His hip surgery was a year ago this past December !Jaxson has been having severe right hip pain so we are seeing the surgeon on march 30th to discuss what to do..remove the hardware or not to remove the hardware!I dont want my sweet boy hurting!Hoping for the best at this appointment!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I am a really bad blogger!I have not written anything for a long while!I use this as sort of a journal!Life has been chaotic but we have been so blessed!Jaxson recieved a letter from make a wish!He was granted a wish!The hard part is what would jaxson like for his wish!A trip is not in the cards because he is so medically fragile!so make a wish and michael and I decided on a wish that will last for a verylong time!Jaxson is getting a stander this is something i was stressing about as they are so pricey!To see my son stand will be amazing.this was the best wish for Jaxson and soon he will stand!Jaxson also got his first pair of AFO'S and new hand/wrist braces!we have celebrated Birthdays!Landen turned 15 my sweet boy is growing to fast!Jaxson (my baby) turned 10!I cant believe how the years fly by.I am so glad i am enjoying everybit of it with my children!Making memories and spending time with my kids is what its all about!